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Tintoretto Serie 37 - Round brush, Size 2/0

Tintoretto Serie 37 - Round brush, Size 2/0

SKU: TIN37-2/0

Very high quality brush made from Siberian Kolinsky hair.



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  • Description

    Made with the utmost care and attention in every detail during the production, these brushes are the essential tool for every painting or decorative work, which needs extreme precision. Employing uniquely the finest male Kolinsky tail’s hair collected during winter season when the temperature is so harsh that the sable fur grows thicker and stronger in order to face the forbidding  temperature of 50°C below zero, it is only with these extremely fine and at the same time uncomparably elastic hairs that these perfect in shape and functionality brushes are made, in order to satisfy the most demanding professionals. Used on a very high level in areas such as iconography, restoration of artworks, murals, graphics and design, Murano glass and porcelain decoration, watercolor, comics and Indian ink.


    This product cannot be shipped to the United States!