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Do you have little painting experience or just don't have time?

No problem! We can print and/or paint your miniature for gaming and / or for display.

We can print your digital 3D models. Working with the ELEGOO Saturn 2 8K 3D printer we can print high quality resin models in almost all scales.

The 3D printing services include:

- Printing, washing and curing.

- Removing supports

- Assembling (as an additional request)

You can decide to buy the products from us with a special discount, giving us the indications of color scheme, terrain, scenery etc. and you will receive your miniatures ready for the gaming or for your showcase.

We can paint almost all miniatures available in our shop, and we can also order Games Workshop miniatures in a very special price from our reputable suppliers. (Orders for Games Workshop miniatures are available only for painting services)

We offer the painting service for these 3 categories:

- 28 / 32mm single miniatures for game level

- Squads for game level

- Single miniatures in all scales for display level

We invite you to contact us for further details and to receive a detailed quote tailored to your needs.

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