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Jiang Ziya, the Grandmaster of Zen

Jiang Ziya, the Grandmaster of Zen

SKU: M3068-F02

SCALE: 75mm (1:24)

  • This product is sold in a box containing some separated parts to be assembled and painted by modellers.
  • Painted figures showed on our boxes and on our web pages are painting examples.
  • Wood plinth not included.
  • More Info

    Art director: Qi Zhang 

    Concept: Federica Porpora Anastasio

    Sculptor: Victor Aguilar

    Boxart: Qi Zhang

    Cast: Mindwork Games

    Scale: 75mm

    Number of parts: 12

    Painting difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆ Relaxed

  • Story

    Jiang Ziya, a student of the Jade Pure One, one of the most revered gods in Chinese mythology, served the Shang court for nearly two decades. However, he found Emperor Dixin unbearable and feigned insanity to escape court life and the ruler's control. With expertise in military strategies, Jiang hoped that someone would seek his assistance in overthrowing the Emperor. After disappearing, he reappeared in the countryside at the supposed age of seventy-two, where he was recruited by Lord Wen of Zhou and appointed as the Prime Minister of the new court. During his exile, Jiang calmly waited by fishing in a tributary of the Wei River, often without a hook, believing that the fish would come to him when they were ready.


    Not for sale to minors under 14 years. Paints, glue, cement, decals and metal sticks are not included. Some part is very small with sharp edges. Protect your eyes. Don't eat the parts. Work in a very well ventilated room. Casted in resin and/or white metal. This is a temperature sensitive material.