Magicdust21 Glass Powder Filler

Magicdust21 Glass Powder Filler


Magicdust21 Glass Powder Filler to use with Super Glue Cyano Colle21.

  • Description

    Magicdust21 Glass Powder Filler ideal for model making and DIY to use with Super Glue Cyano Colle21.

    Magicdust 21 Glass Powder is perfect for filling holes in cracks, reconstructing any broken or missing pieces and strengthening the adhesion of two surfaces.

    The combined use of Super Glue Cyanoacrylato Colle21 and Magicdust21 Glass Powder is ideal for all do-it-yourself applications, model building, restoration and repairs on all types of materials. 

    Use the Lima21 to prepare the surfaces before gluing. 

    When to use the Magicdust21 Glass Powder??

    When the 2 pieces to be glued do not match.

    When our model or object is broken or fragile.

    When we lost one of the parts to be glued.

    How to use the filler: Apply a drop of Super Glue Colle21 on the surface and then slowly pour the Magicdust21 filler powder onto the crack.

    Repeat the operation several times if necessary.

    Once the operation is finished, you can smooth the surface worked with Magicdust21 Glass Powder and eventually paint for a nice final touch