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KIMERA KOLORS - Pure Pigments Set

KIMERA KOLORS - Pure Pigments Set


13 pure pigment acrylics and 1 satin medium, 30ml dropper bottle with flip top cap, agitator steel ball inside each pot


High pigment concentration, ranging from 30% to 50%
Creamy consistence and matt finiture, but they can be made satin by adding in your mix the satin medium provided.
13 pigments are selected in a scientific way to be the best range to create every colors
Tested and approved by some of the best artist in the world


All manufactured in Italy by Camerini &Co

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    PW6 – Titanium White (Titanium Dioxide)
    PBK7 – Carbon Black or Lamp Black (Amorphous carbon from soot)
    PV23 – Violet (Dioxazine Violet)
    PG7 – Phtalo Green (Phthalocyanine green – blue shade)
    PB15.4 – Phthalo blue green shade (Copper Phthalocyanine)
    PB15.2 – Phthalo blue red shade (Copper Phthalocyanine)
    PR122 – Quinacridone magenta (Quinacridone)
    PR170 – Red (Naphthol AS Red)
    PR101 (130) – Red Oxide (Red iron oxide)
    PY42 – Yellow Oxide (Yellow iron oxide)
    PO34 – Orange (Pyrazolone Orange)
    PY83 – Warm yellow (Diarylide Yellow HR)
    PY151 – Cold yellow (Benzimidazolone Yellow)