Zensh-Iku, Captain of the Children of the Sea

Zensh-Iku, Captain of the Children of the Sea

SKU: Aby03

SCALE: 75mm (1:24)

  • This product is sold in a box containing some separated parts to be assembled and painted by modellers.
  • Painted figures showed on our boxes and on our web pages are painting examples.
  • Wood plinth not included.
  • More Info

    Concept Art: Mirko Failoni 
    Sculptwork: Valerio Carbone
    Boxart: Michal "Lan" Pisarski
    Number of components: 8+1 Optional Head
    Scale: 75mm


    Not for sale to minors under 14 years. Paints, glue, cement, decals and metal sticks are not included. Some part is very small with sharp edges. Protect your eyes. Don't eat the parts. Work in a very well ventilated room. Casted in resin and/or white metal. This is a temperature sensitive material.