Lilliputian's Academy Vol.1 - Xander: Flesh & Steel

Lilliputian's Academy Vol.1 - Xander: Flesh & Steel

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Set of 12 brand new paints for skintones and NMM steel painting.

Miniatures and display plinths are NOT included.

  • Description

    Painting together with Lilliputian's Academy! 

    The first wave includes 12 selected paints which we used for painting Xander.

    6 paints from Scale Artist Range:

    SART-41 Dark Brown Ochre (Skintone)

    SART-25 Dark Violet (Skintone)

    SART-08 Golden Flesh (Skintone)

    SART-11 Moss Green (Skintone & NMM Steel)

    SART-01 Art White (Skintone & NMM Steel)

    SART-02 Art Black (NMM Steel)

    6 paints from ScaleColor:

    SC-23 Indian Shadow (Skintone)

    SC-21 Pink Flesh (Skintone)

    SC-17 Pale Skin (Skintone)

    SC-14 Kalahari Orange (Skintone & NMM Steel)

    SC-62 Mojave White (NMM Steel)

    SC-10 Tenere Yellow (NMM Steel)

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